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                            Beyond the jewellery.
        My goal, is to extend meaning of jewellery, and connect it with sculpture / decorative object.
Items, sets that  I'm designing and making are fully usable jewellery, and fit to a "jewellery" definition..... but in the same time they are a bit more. You can please yourself wearing it, or enjoy using them as a decorative object on your desk, or any place that you decide... they shouldn't be hide in a drawer. 

 I have some idea about making jewellery ... I've been doing it for about 15 years. Because I don't have a factory with poorly paid employees in one of the Asian countries, all that jewellery is made by me, and I'm personally response and guarantee the quality of my products ...... excluding damages caused by trolls employed by shipping companies or customs employees (it happens sometimes)

On this page, you will find examples of my work from various fields. If you want to buy something, please visit my store on Etsy, or contact me.
... If you want to buy any products for your store, please contact me for a wholesale offe

     Welcome to my world,  Pawel Lech

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