My tribute to a genius painter.


Fully hand made set:

 big, two-sided pendant (to cut those lines I've done about 160 holes), brooch, adjustable ring, and earrings.

All made of sterling silver, few colours full grain leather, two polymer stones. Some details have been gold gilded. All pieces hidden in a box with silver logo on a top, plus easel if you would like to enjoy a Starry Night. or Vincent himself as a decorative motive on your desk.



 -height: 5.7 cm without hanger ring

 -width: 8.0 cm

 -depth: up to 0.5 cm

 -weight: 46.3 cm



 -height: 3.7 cm

 -width: 5.5 cm

 -depth: up to 0.5 cm

 -weight:  25g




 -length: 2.9 cm

 -width: 2.3 cm

 -depth:up to 0.5 cm above ring

 -weight: 13.4g



 -height: 2.2 cm

 -width: 1.65 cm

 -depth: up to 0.5 cm

 -weight: 8.6 pair


All products are : "one off "

"Wholesale" option:for shop owners, ask for wholesale price.


  • All pendants and necklaces contain leather strap or straps allow you to wearing them... even if they aren't on pictures. I'm sending  sets - ready-to-wear.