the element of earth

set with box, dragon necklace, adjustable ring, asymmetrical earrings. Made by hand, without art-clay or cast, just pure 100% handmade, from silver (sterling and fine) and picture jaspers. The whole in a wooden box finish with felt, and silver logo on the top of a box.


height: 14.5 cm
width: 18.0 cm
depth: 3.5 cm
weight: 110.0 g



height: 1.0 cm above a ring
width: 4.8/4.0 cm
weight: 20.7 g



height: 4.0, 4.8  cm
diameter: 1.6 cm  (1.2 jasper ball )
weight: 13.2 g


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the element of earth

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  • All pendants and necklaces contain leather strap or straps allow you to wearing them... even if they aren't on pictures. I'm sending  sets - ready-to-wear.