snowy owls


Necklace and pendant, made of silver and a few dendritic opals, and intense blue cubic zirconia eyes , this is a hollow jewellery, so don't worry is not have.
Stand for both owls is made from olive wood.
      Set is ready to go, and can be use as a ordinary jewellery, or you can keep all parts as a decorative object on your desk.. or any other place, just to enjoy a view . All parts are packed into two hand made, customised especially for this set wooden boxes. And if you wish, you can take of divide parts from small box an use those boxes in any other purposes ;) 

...... one picture is worth more than a thousand words... so, just take a look.

weight: 106.8g
width:  16.6 cm
long:  6.8 cm  (from top of a head, to end of a tail)
deep: 1.1 cm (include all curvature of the body, and wings)

weight: 36.5g
width: 4.5 cm
long: 6.0 cm
depth: 2.0 cm

long: 13.8 cm
width: 8.0 cm
high: 6.0 cm


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snowy owls

  • All pendants and necklaces contain leather strap or straps allow you to wearing them... even if they aren't on pictures. I'm sending  sets - ready-to-wear.