beautiful stranger
I don't know much about her, except that she likes silver jewellery, turquoise, and blue roses.

Set: double sided pendant, earrings and adjustable ring made of sterling silver, natural full grain leather and purple copper turquoises. Whole in a wooden box with silver logo.


height: 5.5 cm without a the pendant rings
width: 4.0 cm
depth: 0.35 cm
weight: 24.3 g



depth: 0.4 cm 
diameter: 1.73 cm
weight: 7.4 g



diameter: 1.53 cm
depth: 0.36 cm
weight: 5.9 g


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beautiful stranger

  • All pendants and necklaces contain leather strap or straps allow you to wearing them... even if they aren't on pictures. I'm sending  sets - ready-to-wear.