Ludmila's creation

My work is inspired by many different painters like Klimt, Degas , Podkowinski.
My favourite art era is Art Deco. I’m trying recreate main idea of this time by making decorative art.
Some of my pieces are made to wear but you can also put them on display ,and just enjoy by looking at them.
Most of my creations are fantasy animal 3D pictures . My cat wears a top hat with decorative feathers, Mice princess is wearing lovely bead tiara, little dancing mice is wearing a tutu ,there is always something extraordinary added to those pictures.


On this page, you will find examples of my work from various fields. If you want to buy something, please visit my store on Etsy, or contact me.
... If you want to buy any products for your store, please contact me for a wholesale offer.

Welcome to my world,    Ludmila Lech

Wall art, decorative objects

shawls, hats, brooches